Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

FoodTherm cold storage panels function as walls, ceilings and roofs for cooler, freezer and food processing buildings, in new and retrofit construction. In addition, FoodTherm panels are ideal for dry goods warehouses and other controlled environment buildings where temperature control and insulation values are critical.

Our insulated panels are PVC coated with a core of PIR insulation which comes in various thicknesses (50mm - 150mm) to suit any temperature requirement. These are easily cleaned and power washed. Panels may also be used for office, toilets and canteens.

FoodTherm’s cold storage insulated panels offer unmatched flexibility for a broad range of cold storage applications, whether it be for cold storage warehouses and distribution centers, walk-in coolers / freezers, refrigeration or simply tight environmental control of any building. Our insulated freezer panels are typically metal insulated panels that utilize FoodTherm's own expanded polystyrene as core insulation with a variety of metal laminates. These cold storage panels can be used for cold storage walls (exterior, interior and partition walls), roofs, floors or doors in new or energy retro-fit construction.

Frequently, cold storage facilities must not only be thermally-insulated, but must be able to control bacteria, grease or dust. Our cold storage panels are excellent for food, meat and floral-related metal building systems.

Here are a few examples of our work

- Temperature controlled area in a retail outlet


- High risk changing area


- Smoked Salmon chill